"...but as for me and my house, we shall serve the LORD."

Joshua 24:15

We are a family operation located in beautiful Canfield, Ohio. We do a little bit of everything here. From clinics and horse training to the boarding and sale of quality horses.

We know that there are many people like ourselves who love their horses and want a safe and rewarding relationship with their equine partner.

Itís the beauty of these magnificent animals that draws so many people to them. Their intelligence, charm and forgiveness is truly amazing. They carry us to otherwise unseen places with their strength and grace. Most people who own horses in this day and age do so for pleasure. Therefore, most of us do not have any formal training to deal with problems that arise. We have seen people who have sold their horse because they did not have the knowledge to fix these problems. Every horse can be helped and our goal is to help people train or retrain their problems into positive partnerships!

We believe that there is a marvelous harmony that can exist between both horse and rider, brought about through trust and understanding. We would like to teach you how to train your horse with gentle, non-abusive techniques to accomplish that dream.

Here at Rimfire Stables, well-being and happiness are our greatest concern. All of our horses, boarders and guests are treated with respect and compassion. The effort we put into building and maintaining a healthy and positive partnership with both our human and equine friends is, for us, worth every moment spent.